The term Todos in Spanish means “everyone” or “everybody”. That was the goal for this cruiser, a board that worked well for everyone and for the 3rd year now the Todos shape has delivered. From light paddlers to paddlers over 200lbs, the Todos is the most versatile of all our shapes. Has the stability of feel of a longboard, in a much shorter body, and lighter weight. This board also features unparalleled construction at this price range with a full thermal molded wood sandwich construction, providing excellent durability and without the weight.

Todos – 10’2 x 32 x 5 – Retro

In spanish the term Todos means “many” and “everyone”. This board lives up to its name by having the right combination of stability, maneuverability and volume/width to handle basically any sized rider. Whether you are looking to cruise the lakes and bays or head out in the ocean to try your hand at SUP surfing, this board can do it all. The Todos shorter length makes it easy to to load on the car or store in your home while the 32″ width and 4 5/8 of thickness allow for heavier riders to enjoy the sport. If you are looking to purchase a board that will work for mom, dad and the kids this is your best bet.

  • 10.2 x 32 x 4 7/8 @ 190 liters of Volume. Only 27lbs
  • 1.5LB EPS Vacuum Bagged Bamboo + Epoxy Construction
  • Single Thermotech FUTURE fin with double FUTURE sides
  • GORE no maintenance vent
  • Handle for Easy Carrying
  • GoPro Camera mount

Suitable for Beginners and up. Weight from kids to 230lb adults.

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