Unlike big box store “soft top” paddleboards out there, the BOGA soft tops are a real epoxy board that has been covered with a 5mm thick EVA rail, nose and bumper and wrapped in a full EVA deck with textured pad, built with dual wood stringers for strength and stiffness, re-enforced fin boxes and tie downs for storage.

The BOGA soft tops are a great solution for rental fleets, family use, boating and pool use. With a 5mm thick wrap around the board, these boards can bang into docks and other boards without issue. The full EVA deck and flexible fin also provide more safety than standard epoxy hard boards in the event that you impact the board when falling or surfing. The BOGA soft top offers everything an expensive standard epoxy hard board, giving it that feel and glide a standard SUP with the added layer of EVA protection. This technology makes the new YOGA model soft top a great choice for YOGA classes in gym pools and enclosed areas.

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