Journey Yoga Company & BOGA FiTMAT

At Journey Yoga Company, we believe that fitness truly should be a journey and not just a destination. We are a company that has taken the ancient practice of yoga along with land-based fitness routines and brought the water for a unique and invigorating workout experience. Our instructors are passionate about guiding our students into a routine that has them eager to workout and enjoy their own personal fitness journeys.  Our goal is to provide our students with a fun and engaging workout that will bring awareness and presence into their everyday lives. On and off the water our students learn to over come chaos and distraction by focusing on balance and what it truly means to be present.

We float. We work. We rest. We play. We repeat.

All of our classes are held on the popular FiTMAT by BOGA which provides extraordinary stability on the unstable water surface. The FiTMAT is an incredible training platform that encourages core engagement and small muscle activation throughout your entire workout. Our students love the stability the FitMat provides especially if this is their first time trying it out. Our more advanced students love the FiTMAT because it provides numerous anchoring options which allows them to try more difficult postures and routines. The versatility of this floating mat really is groundbreaking and we love how easy they are to store and set up an entire studio for class. We have partnered with SafeSplash Swim Schools to bring a unique year round floating yoga and fitness experience. By fostering this partnership we are able to bring a safe and predictable indoor floating class to our communities. The water at SafeSplash is warm, making it a pleasant experience even if you fall in! Our students are able to push their limits to the edge without the fear of falling into cold water.

Sarah Snyder
Owner/Instructor at Journey Yoga Company


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