BOGA FITMAT Breaks Barriers into Pool Fitness

When BOGA launched the first board designed & shaped specifically for water and pool YOGA/fitness in 2012 we could have never imagined how amazing the ride would be. Now with global coverage and Floating Studios in India, Sri Lanka, Holland, Finland, Croatia, BVI, USA, JAPAN and beyond, we have learned what makes a successful fitness class. Building on that is our newest product, based on years of running thousands of classes, Wanderlust festivals and R&D. BOGA FITMAT, made from double layer pre-laminated PVC Drop Stitch, this is not your average floating mat. Its the same technology used in Olympic training for gymnasts, providing superior durability and stiffness to maximize performance. Beyond the product, we offer our world-wide recognized programs for fitness and training.


1.) BOGAFIT offers a unique workout on water utilizing traditional gym workouts like burpees, pushups, sit ups but with new unique adaptations created by our trainers. The FITMAT platform adds a totally unique core body workout by creating controlled instability. 30 minute 45 minute classes are available.

2.) BOGAYOGA offers a full 1 hour BOGA YOGA FLOW, was created utilizing the years of experience from our YOGA Ambassadors/trainers. Knowing what YOGA works well on water creates a class that works well with both beginner to experienced YOGIS.

The FITMAT’s mat like outline allows us the make the board smaller, more stable, lighter and at a lower cost. Now more than ever, gyms, resorts and schools can easily add BOGAFIT and BOGAYOGA classes. The board comes packed and rolled up in a small roll, inflates in minutes using the ePUMP and is extremely durable. Boards can be easily stacked as there are no fins or rolled up and packed away. All boards come with BOGA’s proven tie system for easy anchoring in pools.

For additional information on pricing for gyms, resorts or home use contact FITMAT or contact us.

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