BOGA FiTMAT Certification Class

Sunny skies and big smiles were present as another successful FiTMAT Certification Course wrapped up this last Sunday in Southern California in Mission Viejo. The class was led by Jaime Donnelly and Sean Pangelinan. The 6 hour long introductory and fundamentals course laid everything these fitness trainers need to know to run their own BOGAFiT classes. Beginning with getting to know the mat and setting up for a class to bringing familiar workouts to an unstable surface. Basic moves fitness instructors are all familiar with were taught on the mats, with modifications for stability and variations of the moves for instructing at different levels, and of course, the BOGAFiT moves that make it the undeniably most exciting and fun form of fitness around. The newest instructors became proficient in leading a 30 minute beginner/intermediate level BOGAFiT class- including familiar exercises and the 5 BOGAFiT specific moves. The next phase consisted of resistance bands fundamentals from both standing, kneeling, and prone positions. Ending with a relaxing siesta to the songs of local birds in the palm trees that decided to stop by and see what the buzz was all about.

The instructors had their free “playtime” after graduation to explore alternative ways to exercise and play on their FiTMATs. From games of chicken, to water polo toss, tow in surfing and more! Congratulations to all who completed the LVL 1 BOGAFiT training course. We look forward to seeing you out there leading your own classes on the BOGA FiTMAT!

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