As a floating studio, part of your business is exposing people to new experiences through paddle boarding and SUP YOGA.

Grow your business potential even more by becoming an BOGA Affiliate Partner. 

“I’ve maximized my SUP Yoga business by introducing my students to BOGA boards, it’s been great having their support.”

About Affiliation for Floating Studios

The Affiliate Program is a unique aspect of working with BOGA. Since as a Floating Studio you will be exposing many new people to SUP and SUP Yoga – many of which may want to pursue the purchase of a board on their own. Our program allows you to help these people access BOGA boards for purchase in a non pressured way and allows you to benefit from the sale.

How it Works

As a floating studio part of your business is exposing people to new experiences through paddling boarding and SUP YOGA.  You can grow your business potential even more by becoming an BOGA Affiliate Partner.  As a BOGA Partner & program member you receive printed cards with your name and a special code to hand out at your classes and to friends and family. Your clients and friends can then receive FREE SHIPPING and $25 off a purchase when they buy a BOGA online at our website, and you get  8% commission on the sale.  We handle everything –  the sale, the shipping, the service and you get paid as a thanks from BOGA for helping us grow our healthy community of paddlers and YOGIs.

How will you benefit as a Floating Studio?

  • People are using your boards, you are exposing them to SUP (many for first time)
  • You are in a unique position to create influence on a potential purchase as they are enjoying this new sport
  • By helping those wanting to pursue it, you are getting them involved in a new healthy lifestyle sport and you are benefiting your business by getting extra capital to grow your Floating Studio

You can also of course buy our boards at Studio pricing, stock them and sell them for MSRP but for many this takes money and space – so our Affiliate option is a great tool.

Benefit from being part of the BOGA family and register your free Affiliate account today.

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