Enjoy the Journey

I frequently have to remind myself to slow down both in life as well as on the mat. I tend to
always be in a rush. I walk fast. I eat fast.Sometimes I even yoga fast. I’m always thinking about what is next on the ‘to do’ list, and I’m always onto the next thing to achieve. This has even been amplified as a new mom. My 7 week old baby boy puts a time limit on everything I do. Who knows when he will be hungry next or need a diaper change? The anticipated hour long nap may only last 10 minutes.

As a whole, we tend to focus on the destination rather than appreciate the journey… perhaps a graduation, a paycheck, the weekend, or vacation. This is seen in our yoga practice as well.We focus on the pose in the full expression. Once we’ve nailed it, we’re gearing up for the next pose.

But what about the space in between the poses? What about the space in between the items on our ‘to do’ list? Rushing is exhausting.It robs you from enjoying life and being truly present. Most of life is the flow, and not the named poses.

Thankfully, my BOGA Yoga board does not permit rushing. It doesn’t allow me to clunk from one posture to the next.It doesn’t allow me to multitask. I can’t check my email while I’m in pigeon pose (you know you’ve done it, too!).In a 60 minute practice on the water, I probably do half the amount of poses that I do in a 60 minute practice on land. SUP yoga forces you in a fun kind of way to slow down and honor the space in between.  There’s no anticipation of what’s next because if you’re not moving slowly and with intention you end up in the water.  The movement is a string of poses. Each moment is a valuable and important moment.

I leave my BOGA Yoga board feeling refreshed and renewed. My mind is quiet. It’s not just an exercise or a practice. It’s therapeutic and healing. I’ve slowed down.I’m no longer rushing. Always looking towards what’s next impedes our ability to appreciate what is. Each moment is a piece of our life. What would our lives be like if we applied what our BOGA Yoga boards teach us? … to slow down, be fully present, and meet all moments with intention and love?

Lindsay Havlicek Bell, Psy.D.

Life & Wellness Coach

Yoga Teacher


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