The BOGA FITMAT is the original patented floating fitness mat solution for pools.  Designed for maximum stability and durability it’s small size @ 8ft x 35 iches allow for quick and easy set up and storage. Take your fitness anywhere there is water! Now more than ever, gyms, resorts and schools can easily add BOGAFIT  classes. Experience for yourself why ABC News calls BOGAFIT “The Hottest Fitness Workout of the Year”.   Want to get BOGAFIT certified?  BOGAFIT programming offers CEC’s available from NASM, ACE and AFAA.  BOGAFIT training is only $299 per person and we offer personal onsite trainings.

FITMAT Aqua Aquatic Fitness Platform 

Includes Tethers, Resistance Bands, Pump & Kit with each Mat!
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The most amazing water workout platform for BOGAFIT,  Pilates, Yoga and Fitness on water!

The BOGA FITMAT is the perfect floating fitness mat solution for pools because of it’s incredible stability and durability and small size @ 8ft x 35 iches. Take your fitness anywhere there is water! Now more than ever, gyms, resorts and schools can easily add BOGAFIT and BOGAYOGA classes. .

FITMAT Aqua Overview

The FITMAT is a floating training platform that provides a new, fun, and dynamic way to exercise. Its main feature is its rigidity and ability to float on water. It can hold in excess of 400lbs without sacrificing its integrity and can make the most basic exercises challenging. If there is no access to water the FITMAT has an amphibian-like quality with a base attachment that can simulate all the challenges of working out on water. The FitMat can be used in a one-on-one setting or group setting with up to 10-plus participants. As there are no other training modality that can mimic the benefits of the FITMAT, this is going to revolutionize the definition of exercising.

Innovative design works on land and water

Designed specifically for pools, shorter, smaller stable design allows for maximin stability in a small footprint. The Floating fitness mat includes everything you need to create a class, tie down locations and specially designed BOGA tethering cords that attach the boards easily. The cord has built in resistance, like a bungee so it minimizes tugging and the effects of one boards actions to another.
The FITMAT has been breaking waves in whole new areas of fitness, including physical aquatic therapy, boot camp type workouts and of course aquatic YOGA and Pilates. It’s really changed the accessibly of aquatic fitness, especially in colder environments where classes are being taught in pools. One totally unique feature of the FITMAT is the patent pending LANDBASE Air module.

This creates a Air Base beneath the FITMAT which replicates the movements of water but on land creating a controlled instability. We have these being used in gyms with people doing balance recovery training, MMA sparing training and physical therapy. This is a totally new area of Fitness and training and this feature is 100% unique to the FITMAT. This takes the FITMAT beyond the water and creates an additional value to your fitness clients.

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