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In Nebraska, we don’t have access to an ocean and you won’t find epic fourteeners — so we get it. When you think “outdoor living,” our cornhusking, plains culture may not be on your radar.

Until you visit.

Native to several warm-water lakes, eclectic wildlife, indescribably beautiful spring seasons and fall colors and scents that establish that sense of home — Omaha, Nebraska – is a stellar place for athletic outdoor recreation.

Before The Neighborhood Offshore became established, our vision was to manifest an organization that would showcase Omaha’s outdoor water landscape and also build deep connections with our community. We’d offer affordable events and classes, the highest quality products, local partnership opportunities, and free health and wellness tips from a highly credentialed staff.

Today, our mission remains the same and our passion for health and community is fiercer than ever. With what started as a sprinkling of paddle board classes, has grown to team of 17 instructors and retail associates, and an apparel and board shop selling BOGA, Roxy, and Quiksilver.  Our rental and lesson programs have grown to include windsurfing, sailing, mountain biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, children’s programs, and our two most popular classes – BOGA YOGA and BOGA FIT.

Our BOGA YOGA team is comprised of immersed, certified-yogis who offer diverse SUP classes from mediation to power yoga. Each teacher has a different style, but develop movement meant for everyone. We create a space just for you — whether it’s your first time on a paddle board, you’re brand new to yoga, an experienced yogi, or if you’re an athlete cross-training. BOGA YOGA is a one-hour class followed by 30 minutes of independent paddle time.

Our BOGA FIT class is a fun and challenging fitness class. Taught almost entirely on the paddle board, we use mostly body weight exercises such as planks, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, squats, and even burpees. Practicing all of these movements on an unstable surface of water increases your core strength, focus, cardio and ability to balance. Our goal is to help you say “hello” to the muscles you may have forgotten. BOGA FIT is a one-hour class followed by 30 minutes of independent paddle time.

No matter the class, our highest priority is you, the student, and making sure you have the safest and most enjoyable outdoor experience. To ask questions, schedule a private lesson, or sign up for one of our events or classes, just call or click:

Kristen L. Macdissi, Owner


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