Surf Shapes Crank Up the Fun Factor

Its no secret that the BOGA crew has been all smiles during the testing of this years crop of new surf models.   We are beyond stoked to have met the ultimate goal of making a line of boards that were performance oriented yet still had the stability and price point to attract a wide range of surfers.  The only hard part is deciding which one of these boards to surf when the swell hits!   We can honestly say this new quiver is one of the most drivey, fun and stable set of boards we have ever surfed and we have had rave reviews from not just our testing team but from close friends that have snuck some sessions on them.  One favorite for the bigger surfers is the Chubb, at 9.2 it feels small yet the wide tail provides a ton of stability,  the board simply squirts out of bottom turns and lip smacks much like a much smaller board.  My personal favorite on medium sized days is the Hipster, at 8.2 x 32 this shape has really put a new perspective on my surfing style and allowed me to pull sections and maneuvers I never have before, and I can comfortably surf very small SUPS. Don’t let the Hipsters 32″ fool you, this thing is a wave machine and you will be shredding like never before, I still can’t believe its 32″ wide, the board shreds.  The only time you can peel me away from the Hipster is when the waves pick up a bit, then its time to grab the El Ocho, a litter easier to get on rail on large fast bottom turns, the Ocho connects sections and turns seamlessly all while keeping you stable and comfortable when in the line up.   Grab a 2015 BOGA shred stick this summer and prepare for a permasmile!


Hipster Surf BOGAOcho Surf BOGAChub Surf BOGA

The BOGA 2015 Surf Series featuring the Hipster, El Ocho and the Chubb. 

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