2015 Typhoon – Behind the Scenes

The original BOGA Tsunami is a proven work horse when it came to racing, receiving many top finishes in major Elite events around the world in past years.  The design team at BOGA never rests however and is always focused ahead, looking for any extra edge on performance.  Additionally,  with the racing landscape changing so much in the last 2 years a new innovative shape to meet these demands has been in the works.  The result of this testing and design is fastest Race board to date, one with very specific characteristics designed to get you out front and on the lead pack.  In order to achieve these results we focused on 3 key areas of development, sprint speed, stability and what we call “slipperyness”.  A reverse bow was introduced for low profile side wind resistance and quick recovery when the nose dives. Secondly, the vee/chine was removed in favor of a round to flat entry, keeping the board from “sticking” during drafting.  Probably most importantly, the  bottom was switched to a round to flat to single concave that starts right before the mid-point of the board, enabling the incredible lift you get on this board when sprinting over 6mph.  Since the drop deck was replaced with a more maneuverable yet higher flat deck, we made up for any stability loss through a unique bottom concave  that stops about 4 inches from the outside rail.  This creates a generous amount of secondary stability making the board hard to tip.

Combine all these shape changes with improvements in durability, a new race handle, new fin design and totally re-worked light-weight EVA pad set and you have a winning combination.  Contact your dealer today for more details and information on how to demo a BOGA Typhoon.



 The 2015 BOGA Typhoon, get a demo, get hooked and start winning races.  

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