BOGA is proud to produce boards with the  highest quality and standards in the industry.  Quality is important to us and we are happy to stand by our product.   BOGA has been around since 2009 and sold many thousands of boards, we are proud to say our warranty issues we can still count on both hands.  See below for full details.


The Warranty begins effective the day the retail customer purchases the product as identified on transaction receipt and is non-transferable. If within the Warranty period the product becomes defective, you will need to contact BOGA. BOGA will send via email a Defective product form, which needs to be completed. You will be asked for a copy of a sales receipt and photos of the defective nature in question, as well as original packaging material to verify if damage was due to shipping. BOGA will thoroughly review the data on the Defective product form to determine if product is defective. If it is deemed a manufacturing or material flaw, we will ask that the board is returned to the dealer where the board was purchased from. Upon physical review, BOGA will make the final determination as to the nature of the damage or flaw and issue a replacement product (model depends on availability).

The Warranty does not include products that have incurred damage or breakage from use of product, including but not limited to dropping, damage incurred by waves, knee drops or falling onto board.  The warranty does not apply to boards that have been exposed to prolonged sunlight or intense heat. IMPORTANT NOTE: Warranty coverage is for physical board only, it does not cover, leash plugs, fin boxes, fins or EVA deck pad which can be broken or wear/fail based on storage, usage etc.  

BOGA boards are hand made using natural and man made produced materials that can contain variances in look, color and composition. Cosmetic Flaws that do not affect the functionality or performance of the boards are not applicable and not covered under the policy.


BOGA will provide repair or replacement board for any board deemed to be defective or having defect materials. All boards should be returned to the Authorized BOGA dealer that they were purchased from. The Authorized BOGA dealer will act on behalf of BOGA to provide the customer with the repair or replacement product depending on model availability.

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