The BOGA Yoga board is different from other paddleboards for the following reasons:

  • Completely flat top deck to the edge of the rails
  • The aqua balance shaping on the underside
  • Boxy rails
  • Wide square tail and nose, tracks really well
  • Beautifully designed pad is extra long (for those downward dog poses!)
  • Pad is soft and comfortable on the feet, hands, and head
  • Made with quick water wicking material
  • The yoga mat type pad is super soft yet has a great grip
  • Matte finish makes it’s surface area scratch resistant
  • This is great for classes/rental fleets that get a lot of use
  • Netting at the front for storage
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

Yoga Bamboo


The only board designed and shaped with the leaders in the industry for the ultimate balance and stability you desire for fitness on water. The gorgeous Bamboo Reveal is the Premium BOGA Yoga, and at a high demand. Smooth on the water, fast enough to keep up with the pack, yet sturdy enough to hold paddlers of all shapes, sizes and abilities in all their poses.

The BOGA Yoga is also the perfect beginner board because of it’s incredible stability. A wonderful board for classes and first timers of all ages!

  • 11″ x 32 x 4 5/8 @ 209 liters of volume
  • Only 26-27lbs 1.5LB EPS vacuum bagged bamboo + epoxy construction
  • Single fin included
  • GORE no maintenance vent
  • Handle for easy carrying
    Nose and tail leash plugs for easy buoy mounting during YOGA







Available on backorder

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