Sara Ozim is all things adventure! From camping, to paddling, to yoga, to jumping out of planes. Throw it out there, and she’s in! Never a dull moment with our Sara.

Name: Sara Ozim
Age: 30
Hometown: Orlando
What do you do when you are not exploring Sara: When I’m not exploring I’ve got my eye behind a camera lens and my finger ready to press the shutter. That, or I’m on the hunt for an authentic Café con leche!
Never leave home without: My inflatable BOGA Yoga, a yoga mat, & a good pair of shoes. You never know when adventure is going to cross your path!
Where does SUP take you: Everywhere! From the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean to lakes and winding passes underneath interstates to stellar waves to a pool in someone’s backyard- if there’s water, I’ll put my BOGA in it! No matter where I go, I try and make sure to put time in my schedule to explore on my board.
Favorite BOGA board: Crap! All of them? There isn’t a board that BOGA makes that I am not in love with! I love SUP Surfing on the Mahina and get a thrill for slicing through the water on the Typhoon while racing! Oh, and of course all my BOGA Yoga’s!
What BOGA is to me: Family. The SUP community is tight knit and filled with positive vibes because there is nothing that all of us would rather do than spend our days gliding through the water on a bright and sunny day. Once you enter the world of BOGA though, you’re overwhelmed with a sense of family. Each ambassador and team rider is instantly a brother or a sister, even if you haven’t had a chance to meet them in person, yet. We cheer each other on on race days and greet each other with hugs. Once you’re in the family, there is no where else you would ever want to be.
Favorite activities when not on a SUP: Surfing, yoga, camping, snowboarding, or cycling. Basically anything active and OUTSIDE!
Favorite adventure: Living on a sailboat when I was 16. There was nothing like quite like sailing wherever the wind took you and sipping a fresh cup of coffee while sitting on the deck while watching the sun rise in front of me. I usually chose to sleep under the stars instead of versus down in the hull.

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