Tihana Curovic (Croatia)

Name: Tihana Čurović (Croatia)
Hometown:Pula, Istrian peninsula, Croatia
Age: 34
Favorite Board(s): My favorite bord is the BOGA Yoga and El Rey.
Never leave home without: Without an open heart & an open mind.
Favorite place to paddle: The Istrian Peninsula in the Adriatic Sea
Nickname: My friends call me Tile.
Free ticket to anywhere, leaving tomorrow: I’m headed to: Sri Lanka
A secret very few people know about me: I belive in magic.
People I most look up to, admire: People who follow their dreams.
Favorite food/meal: Pumpkin soup with tofu and chickpeas, and chocolate of course!
Would like to be known for: I would like to inspire people to live from their hearts. I love LIFE. I am a truth seeker and a believer in magic.
My first paddleboarding experience: Baleal beach, Peniche, Portugal
Can never say no to: Love, in all it’s forms.
Why BOGA?- It was my first and only choice, and I’ve never looked back.
Me in a nutshell: Yoga, health, meditation. Exploring every corner of the world. Beach life. Delicious nutritious food. Family. Friends. Life.
What always makes me smile: My two crazy dogs.

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