We know that in the water, your board needs to make you feel confident. We made BOGA Boards the ultimate so that your surfing experience can be great no matter what. With our designs and technology, you have fun in the water, and we make sure that your boards do the rest for you.


First a little primer on board construction. Paddle Boards are commonly made in one of two ways, a molded PVC Stringerless “Pop Out” type Epoxy construction or a Lightweight EPS Core + Wood Stringer + Hand glassed construction. Both have their benefits, Pop Outs can be made faster in large factories, can be lighter weight but are also very stiff for most surfers/paddlers taste.

Lightweight EPS Core + PVC Stringer Boards that are vacuum bagged with wood sandwich construction on the other hand provide more traditional longitudinal flex and since they have a stringer (PVC through the board middle) they are less prone to twist breaks, snapping etc.

Both are valid constructions for their perspective markets and as avid paddlers we have both kinds of boards in our personal board quiver. For Boga we wanted the feel of a custom shaped board with a PVC stringer but also demanded the extra durability requirements of a Stand Up Paddle Board.


For this we came up with E11 Epoxy Construction, the next level of epoxy vacuum bagged performance based construction which contains the benefits of flex and extended durability. All boards are vacuum bagged with wood sandwich construction, PVC stringers, PVC fin box inserts and GORE vents (best you can buy). We use only the highest quality cloth, resin and 20KG foam to ensure you get a board that looks and feels just like a traditional surfboard only stronger and lighter.

Check with your other board manufacturers, the reason they are cheap is because they are made cheap with standard laminations and are not vacuum bagged with wood sandwich construction. Thats right, even the painted boards have .6mm bamboo wood lamination into the top deck for strength. This is a very important consideration when purchasing a board if you want it to last.

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