The Floating Studio, SUP Yoga Experience

BOGA Yoga Floating Studio for SUP Yoga at Wanderlust Oahu[/caption]Floating peaceful on the water, surrounded by your students, nature as the guide. The sounds of the bird echoing, the boards gently swaying as the students move gracefully to your instructions. Smiles line their faces as they soak in the bliss that practicing SUP Yoga on a BOGA Yoga provides. As dream like as this sounds it is very possible and it could be your life. The team at BOGA Paddle and Surf wants to help you follow your dreams, we want you to create a floating studio and share it with the world.

SUP Yoga or Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga has been gaining popularity world wide. From South Africa to Scandinavia, the Caribbean and everywhere between yogis are flocking to the water to explore this user friendly, surreal yoga practice. From the beginning BOGA Paddle and Surf has been involved in the growth of this community. In 2010 BOGA created the first SUP Yoga specific board called the BOGA Yoga, but it did not stop there. As pioneers and innovators for the SUP and SUP Yoga communities, BOGA continued with research and development leading to new and improved products, forged partnerships with companies such as Wanderlust Festivals and created a team of passionate individuals to help spread their love for SUP Yoga throughout the world. Today there are four versions of the BOGA Yoga, 50 BOGA Yogas traveling to all 7 of the Wanderlust North America Festivals and the BOGA Yoga family located on nearly every continent of the world. Because of this reach and the community that has been created and continues to grow, the BOGA Yoga Floating Studio is an opportunity to become part of a family that understand the demands and needs required to operate this business successfully.

BOGA has worked hard at developing a solution for business owners looking to create a BOGA Yoga Floating Studio. Whether it is intimate setting of 3 students or a group experience with 30 people, the floating studio can be built accordingly. The BOGA Yogas are designed to be anchored from numerous points allowing for easy class setup as well as the ability to handle creative anchoring systems for any type of body of water. If anchors are not being used for the floating studio, the BOGA Yogas are designed to paddle efficiently making the trip to and from the launch point an enjoyable experience as well.

Along with the products to help create a floating studio, the network of people in the BOGA Yoga Floating Studio family has blossomed into a unique opportunity for the studio owners. With studios throughout the world all sharing the common vision, opportunities to work together are in abundance. We have seen studios work together by co-teaching classes, attending events, hosting workshops and retreats together as well as collaborate with business ideas. Above and beyond all of the networking our family helps to elevate the bar for the SUP Yoga experience making each day on the water even better.

So if you are wondering if a Floating Studio is something for you, visit our Facebook page,, to see all of the members of our family sharing their dream with the world. And if you have any questions please reach out and talk to us, we would love to help you follow your dream and share your passion.

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