Why the water is my studio:

Words by Sarah Callaham a BOGA Yoga Ambassador:

Stunning beauty. Majestic views. Giant smiles. Striking afternoon thunder showers. Sunshine hugs and brisk alpine lakes. Love for the outdoors, in all capacities. Health. Welless. A celebration of being a live. And truly living this life to its fullest capacity. An attempt to let go of all the crazy mainstream world. Here we can focus more on what is actually important. The well being of our mind, body, and spirit.

We can’t expect ourselves to have a full transformation, but instead it’s “a toe testing out the waters.” We’re given the permission to let loose. To be free from the pressures of society. To be who WE think we are. To try new things. In new surroundings, completely and utterly supported by everyone around us. Like attracts like. It’s a time and place where we come together with like minded and like hearted people to explore. To view an alternative way of life. Of thinking. Of prioritizing.

I think that’s why SUP yoga is so enticing to these souls. Because on the water everything is left on the beach. Cell phones. Stability. Corporate world. Land yoga. Societal pressures. Worldly constrains. Materialism.

On the water you are totally unplugged from the made up world, and are reconnected to the universe. You are totally present. Not worried about what you’re wearing or what you look like. Not worried about posting status updates. Not trying to get to the next email. You’re immediately taught to let go of your rigid walls and allowed to truly flow with the earth’s energy. And it’s through that oneness with the earth’s natural flow, that we are present. That we realize how connected we all universally are.

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